December 26, 2007 at 12:02 pm (Movies)


A little late, but I saw Stardust over the weekend.  All told, I enjoyed it.  Was it ruined by Hollywood tampering?  I never read the book, so I can’t compare.  

It was a fairy-tail adventure story, hapless young man with questionable parentage saves a beautiful girl from sinister forces.  As such, it was very predictable.  There was some good humor as well from, most notably, the princely ghosts and Captain Shakespear.

First MirrorMask, and now Stardust, I’m becoming increasingly interested in checking out some of Neil Gaiman’s other works.


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  1. Amras said,

    You really should check out Neil Gaiman’s other work. He’s without doubt one of my favourite authors and “American Gods” will in the future be widely recognized as a modern masterpiece.

    His other books are good too. I hold “Anansi Boys” and “Good Omens” (co-written with Terry Pratchett) in high regard, yet “Neverwhere” didn’t quite do it for me. I’m not as acquainted with his “Sandman” series as I’d like to be, but according to those who have read it, it’s the best thing he’s done to date.

    So yeah, I’d recommend Gaiman 🙂

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